• After by maginator1D

He repeatedly breaks my heart, even when I don’t think there are any more pieces to break.

  • Bad Boy Vibes by Happiee

I’m not some merry-go-round. I’m a roller coaster. I toss you back and forth, right and left and tip you upside down.

  • The Bad Boy is Possessive by BrittanyLeigh8

Sometimes in life, we have to endure some terrible things, but it’s only to shape our future. All things happen for a reason, we just have to get through the tough times and on to the better. 

i don’t think life ever goes the way we plan it, but the way it’s mean to go.

5 | Posted on April 19, 2014


I have this challenge for 2014. It’s 60 movies for 2014. I totally forgot to post here the movies I watched for the last 3 months so..this april, I decided I will post some screenshots or what of the movies I watch. These are 9th to 12th. I have some comments about the movies also. I am not pretty good about commenting or making a review if you call it, but I don’t have a diary anymore so I thought I’ll just put my comments below the screenshots. Uhh, enjoy? ☺

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11 | Posted on April 18, 2014


April 13, 2014 was the start of the Basketball League here, on our subdivision. There were muses, escorts and of course their teams. I was invited to be one of the judges for the best muses. At first, I hesitated but eventually I accepted it. 

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11 | Posted on April 16, 2014


Summer started like weeks ago but I was not blogging something summer-y feeling because I didn’t felt it. I always need to go somewhere because of something related to college or modeling or what. Anyway, this is my first summer outfit for 2014! *unicorns & confetti pls* Yup. So I hope you like it :)

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20 | Posted on April 14, 2014


Here are the behind-the-scene photos from the photo shoot that my friends and I planned. Well, it’s not really bts photos but I want to post it here that’s why I called it bts photos for me to have a reason. You understand me, right? right? haha

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9 | Posted on April 12, 2014

Sooner or later, you’ll gonna meet her.
You will get drown in her eyes
regardless of the color.
She might have a straight hair
or wavy one with different colors
on her streaks.
She might love wearing leather jackets
or Sunday dresses.
She might be wearing an eyeglass
or she might have a clear vision.
But all of these do not matter.
You will meet her and she will be
the one who will welcome back
the butterflies inside your stomach.

It could be the same old story.
You would see her sitting alone
in a crowded cafeteria
and you would ask if you could
share the table with her.
She would glance up at you
with the warmest smile
enough to melt your frozen heart
and suddenly you’re a goner.
She would let you share
her space with you
and suddenly the two of you
are talking. From the weather
to the books you currently read
to deeper topics like your own
perspective about love and life.
Either way, you would find yourself
getting lost with the conversation.

You know what would happen next.
Her number would end up on your
phone book and her face would
be stranded on your memory.
You would find yourself texting her
whenever you get the chance
and she would be on your mind
even if you’re in your math class.
You would be the guy waiting for her
outside her classroom and you
would wear the biggest smile
every time you see her face
on a very crowded place.

Then weekend would come
and you would ask her out.
It could be a fancy dinner
in a luxurious restaurant
or it could be the usual
movie or library date.
Either way you would be
so damn nervous about it
as if it would be your
first ever date.

Before the night ends,
you would slip your hand on hers
and she would not even flinch.
She would hold on tighter
as her way of telling you
she feels the same way.
You would take her on a place
where you can watch the stars,
trace them into constellations
and whispher wishes on
each one of them.

And then you would lean on her
as she stares into your eyes.
Your lips would meet hers
and in that magical moment,
she was able to shut down
every single idea on your mind
except of love.

Sooner or later you’ll gonna meet her.
And you would fall in love with her
in a way harder than you did for me.
You would revolve around her axis.
She would be your everything.

And then you would forget about me.
First, my name and then my face.
Next, my words and then the feelings
that I have ever given to you.
You would forget the pain
I have caused in you.
You would forget you met me.
You would forget about my existence.

And you would be happy.
Happy with her.
Happy with the girl I can never be.

The end.

— This would be your story after ours ended.(N.A.)  (via themostawesomebitch)


And again, I’m here to ask some help. I joined this new contest..and it has an online voting and I need your help guys. :( Please help me by liking this photo on FB & kindly share it too (if it’s still okay). Here’s the link. I really need your help. Thank you xx


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Senior 2014 of SJA will be right back.


This day was the happiest & saddest day of my life. Saddest because our high school life ends but happiest because I know there will be new beginnings and opportunities. 



More photos under the cut :)

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18 | Posted on April 08, 2014

mellifluousbelle asked:
Hello Sai. This is Camille (Felicityletter). This is my new blog account. Something happened to my previous blog :( I think it was deleted. Huhu. Anyways :)

Guys! Camille’s new blog :)

2 | Posted on April 05, 2014

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