Day 1 of Bicol Trip: 08212014 

Started traveling at 1:30 in the morning. It’s almost 12 nn when we reached Naga City (Camarines Sur) and headed to my aunt’s to eat lunch and to rest for a while.

After 2 hours, we went to Coquit Beach Resort in Balatan to try the beach there. (lol of course) but it started raining hard. We were thinking of just playing in the rain. Fortunately, it became like a drizzle so we continued our plan. We have an aunt there that has like connections so we didn’t need to pay for anything. At first, I don’t want to go even near the beach because of something I learned in school (whaat). But they told me that I was already there, why not just enjoy the beach. I took pictures first and then I left it to swim. But I did not really swim, swim. I was just near the shore, sat there, and pretending I’m a mermaid (disney influences) and asked them to give me a wonderful stone (LOL). Ate Diane gave me a stone that has black and white on it and I think it’s cool so I told them that she won the bring me contest hahaha.

After, we headed to my aunt’s in Tapayas because it’s just on the way. Of course, oldies gone talking while us, played the 4 pics 1 word. We were playing that app in every gadgets (we have four). We ate there our dinner and rest for a while.

It was already dark when we visited our other aunt in Calauag, Naga City. We were planning to go to a bar but we were really tired. Our aunt gave us a wine (erk don’t like the taste) and told us that we should just stay. When it was already midnight, we went to our aunt in Pili and we slept there.

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082012014: Birthday

Turned 17 this day! Hooray! I did not really expected my blockmates to have a surprise party (not really a party , party) for me. I saw they were busier..than ever but I just shrugged off the idea that they were preparing something for me because that time, we were also busy doing our project in Filipino. During our break, while I was eating, they called me and told me to look at the board and then boom! I saw a pink (!!) cartolina with my name on it. I’m so dumb not to see the cartolina when I entered the classroom. Ugh haha. Then while we were waiting for our prof, suddenly, everyone started singing the birthday song then when I turned around, I saw my tropapips (boys haha) and kuya bon holding a cupcake with a lighted candle on it. I didn’t know what I should do that time. (panic, I guess) So they told me to make a wish and blow the candle and so I did.

I had and still having hard times in adjusting in college blablas that I want to change course and school. But after what they did to me, I think I don’t want to change my school anymore and leave them. There’s something like a pinch(?) in my heart a while ago. So yeah, thank you to my blockmates! Unicorns everywhere x

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1. Paper Towns by John Green ★★★★★

  • Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.
  • The town was paper, but the memories were not.
  • It’s so hard to leave-until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.
  • The pleasure isn’t in doing the thing; the pleasure is in planning it.

2. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell ★★★✯✯

  • You always ask that. Why. Like there’s an answer for everything. Not everybody has your life, you know, or your family. In your life, things happen for reasons. People make sense. But that’s not my life.
  • Nothing before you counts. And I can’t even imagine an after.

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han ★★★★

  • It was over before I even had a chance.
  • They’re MFEO. Made for each other.
  • If you were mine, I would never have broken up with you, not in a million years.

4. Where She Went by Gayle Forman ★★★★

  •  But still, I find the need to remind myself of the temporariness of a day, to reassure myself that I got through yesterday, I’ll get through today.
  • But there are some things you can’t control, no matter how hard you try.
  • Everyone has hardship in their life. Everyone has pain.
  • Quitting’s not hard. Deciding to quit is hard. Once you make that mental leap, the rest is easy.

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Bucketlist: Go to Bookay Ukay 08092014 

Woohoo! One down and many more to go. Yesterday, we went to UP Diliman for the casting call and I remembered that Bookay Ukay is near there! So after my casting call, I asked my brother if we can go there because I’m looking for something (ehe). I’m a bit disappointed…I think that was not their ‘original’ place (idk!) because we need to ask people if they knew the shop and they were giving us directions and all their directions were wrong (i mean it’s in the opposite side of the road) and I did not found the book I’m looking for. Also, some of the price of the books there were same as in the NBS. I did not buy any book but it’s okay. Still, it’s in my bucketlist so yey.

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UP Diliman Casting: 4/4 08092014

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Replies // Anon

Sorry if I’m not replying to all those who TA-ed (what haha) me, it’s just..I think I have this habit that I open the message and just read it and then bam, the end of the story. So, forgive me! Anyway, hi to Jaye, ate Desiree and ate Regina! To anon, actually, I’m staying (and studying) in Muntinlupa right now. :)

You can ask questions here, btw: ask.fm/xyleneboquil easier and faster (what am I haha) so, yeah..

08012014: Going home

After our last class, my classmates and I went to Festival Mall just to kill time and we eventually went home. I think that was my first time to go to the mall with them because I don’t want to go to the mall because it’s far (for me hahaha or maybe I’m too lazy) They even told me I’m an introvert and should get out sometime. Is it my fault if I love our wifi? Anyway, I went home with my classmates to Las Pinas yesterday because of some business matter (again) and to make up with my family. So yeah, that’s how my first day of the month went.

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07272014: Saturdate with the Dyosa

Last sunday, I got a chance to meet up with one of my bestfriends. Honestly, I went home for some business matter and I remembered that she wants to see me so we can easily share our stories so I told her that we can meetup in sm center after I meetup with my buyers.

Some of my buyers were late (but that’s okay) so while I’m waiting for some of my buyers, we went to the 2 book stores of the mall but didn’t buy anything because I’m currently reading the ebook of Where She Went (If I Stay 2) and I have no money (lol). Then, we tried the Belgian Waffles. It’s great but we need more so we went to Mang Inasal to eat again. It’s the best hour of my life haha I asked for 2 more cups of rice there! I thought my 99 pesos that I spent there won’t be worth it but hell, it’s worth it! After we eat, we went upstairs (it has only 2 floors) and wait there my last buyer. We took selfies and some photos worthy for IG then my buyer came and I gave her her order. Then we went home, eventually.

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Thefaultsinourwallflowers 300 followers giveaway!


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  • Reblogs and Likes BOTH count
  • You can reblog as many times as you like, but please don’t spam your followers!
  • Winner will be chosen through a randomiser 
  • This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL because of book depository 
  • If you want another book in that series, thats fine by me
  • You need to be willing to give me your address
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  • Giveaway ends the 1st August 2014!

2nd week of July {IG Photos: @xylneboquil}

Hola guys! Our prelims is near and I’m (seriously) still shock because of some things here but in a positive way. I’m getting good scores in my tests and my 5-am-body clock (is it right) is back and that’s a good news because it’s not hard for me anymore to wake up in the morning but I’m having problems about my eating/my body. Every time I ate a lot, the next day, I’m going to have lbm. And I was like seriously can’t i eat alot and just eat again without having a lbm tomorrow morning?? That’s why I lose 3 kgs. Yep.

Photos above are from my instagram. I’m still updating my notebook (the one full of quotes) and I just bought this cute socks from CNA. It has a picture of SNSD’s Yuri. I was really going to buy CL but they’re out of stock but I saw Yuri then boom, I bought it. I’m wearing it.

Anyway, I’m thinking of trying new things here in Alabang but I still don’t know what place to visit or what resto or shop or whatever should I try (because I’m from a jungle) so, if you know any place I should try (in or near Alabang), just ta me so I can try it too!! Thanks!

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